The Flash Bag is now in Crowdfunding with Betabrand!

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Good Morning!

This is a big week for Scott Tallenger, Left-Handed Branded and Betabrand. After 10 months, 3  prototypes,  my camera bag “The Assistant” camera bag I designed for Betabrand’s “Bright Ideas Contest” last November (now renamed “The Flash Bag” by Betabrand’s Marketing Team) is currently in Crowdfunding with Betabrand.  Day 5 and it is already 30% funded.  I have had orders from Japan, Germany and all over the U.S.  I just got it reviewed by the lovely people at the photography blog:  Phoblographer.  Here is their review:

The Flash Bag is Part Camera Bag, Part Reflector, All Awesome

In other Betabrand news, I entered ANOTHER Betabrand Contest a couple of weeks ago.  This one is to win an all expense paid trip to the 2016 Silicon Valley Fashion Week. If you are friends with me on Facebook I am sure you are aware of this contest…But if not, we have entered “The Mula”.  Though The Mula did not find its audience on Kickstarter, I think being a part of the Silicon Valley Fashion Week will help us to find it in the Bay Area.  The contest ends today at 3:00 pm EST.  I currently have a 40 Vote lead…I just need to keep it for 9 more hours.  If you wanted to vote me and The Mula to San Francisco at the end of the month, please click here:

You can login with Facebook or an email address in a matter of seconds.  The link will take you right to the Mula’s product page and you just need to click VOTE!

We really appreciate it!

Scott Tallenger