“The Assistant” Camera Bag


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…Because not every camera bag has a silver lining!  With our NEW and IMPROVED “The Assistant” Camera Bag, you can bounce light on your subject and take the photos at the same time!  “The Assistant” is water resistant with padded base, padded sides and padded divider for camera(s) and detachable lenses.  The fabric is a colorful Picture/35 Sound print that is a cotton/spandex blend (available in waterproof BLACK fabric too).  Bag also has two 8″ Welt Pockets with invisible zipper closure on the front and back of bag. The Lining is a Reflective Silver Vinyl and the bag strap is made from real 35 mm Film (Heads and Tails).  Magnetic Closure for quick and easy access to camera gear on the reflective bag flap.